Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash

August 26, 2023 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM Ocean Shores Convention Center | 120 W Chance A La Mer NW, Ocean Shores, WA 98569

Rogue Wrestling Attractions
Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash
August 26, 2023
Doors Open @ 6:00 PM | Event Starts @ 7:00 PM
Ocean Shores Convention Center
Ocean Shores, WA

“TNT” Tyson Lee Vs “Pretty Boy” Troy Prescott Vs Deonte “The Black King” Ford

Rogue Wrestling Attractions Harbor Havoc Coastal Clash | Triple Threat #1 Contender Match "Pretty Boy" Troy Prescott Vs "TNT" Tyson Lee Vs Deonte "The Black King" Ford| August 26, 2023

Title Shot Showdown: Triple Threat Match for the #1 Contender – RWA Harbor Havoc Championship!

The stakes have never been higher as “TNT” Tyson Lee, “Pretty Boy” Troy Prescott, and Deonte “The Black King” Ford collide in an electrifying triple threat match to determine the #1 contender for the coveted RWA Harbor Havoc Championship. Brace yourself for a night of heart-pounding action and edge-of-your-seat excitement, as these wrestling titans clash in the ultimate battle for a shot at championship gold!

In the Red Corner – “TNT” Tyson Lee:

Known for his explosive energy and dynamite moves, “TNT” Tyson Lee is a force to be reckoned with. With a knack for heavy hits and fearless attacks, Lee brings a blaze of intensity to the ring. Will his fiery spirit propel him to the top, securing his chance to challenge for the RWA Harbor Havoc Championship?

In the Blue Corner – “Pretty Boy” Troy Prescott:

With a perfect blend of charm and cunning tactics, “Pretty Boy” Troy Prescott has the moves to make hearts flutter and opponents crumble. But don’t let his good looks fool you; Prescott’s wrestling prowess is as sharp as a razor. Armed with a calculated strategy, he’s determined to claim the #1 contender spot and show the world he’s more than just a pretty face.

In the Black Corner – Deonte “The Black King” Ford:

Unyielding and regal, Deonte “The Black King” Ford commands respect every time he steps into the ring. Armed with raw power and a fearless demeanor, Ford is a true wrestling monarch, seeking to assert his dominance and prove he’s worthy of challenging The RWA Harbor Havoc Champion.

A Showdown of Titans – The Road to Glory:

With so much at stake, you can bet this triple threat match will be an all-out war. Heavy blows, bone-crushing slams, and jaw-dropping submissions – anything can happen when these three wrestling behemoths collide. Each contender has their eyes locked on championship glory, and they’ll stop at nothing to claim victory and secure their spot at the top.

Who Will Rise to the Occasion?

In this adrenaline-fueled contest, only one competitor will emerge as the #1 contender, ready to face The RWA Harbor Havoc Champion. The question remains – who will it be? The answer awaits you at RWA’s epic wrestling event!

Mark your calendars and get ready for a night of unforgettable battles as Thee Rat King defends his title against Christopher Ryseck, and “TNT” Tyson Lee, “Pretty Boy” Troy Prescott, and Deonte “The Black King” Ford collide in an explosive triple threat match. Don’t miss the chance to witness wrestling history in the making, as these warriors pave their way to championship glory!

Get your tickets now, and let the wrestling frenzy begin at RWA’s Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash!

Draven Vargas Vs Jakari Frost

Rogue Wrestling Attractions Harbor Havoc Coastal Clash | Draven Vargas Vs Jakari Frost | August 26, 2023

RWA Harbor Havoc – Clash of Titans: “HellBlazer” Draven Vargas vs. Jakari Frost!

In a clash of wrestling titans, “HellBlazer” Draven Vargas, one half of the RWA Tag Team Champions, takes center stage in a heart-stopping one-on-one showdown against the much inferior Jakari Frost. Get ready to witness a match that promises to set the ring ablaze with electrifying action and jaw-dropping maneuvers!

“HellBlazer” Draven Vargas: The Fearless Tag Team Champion

Armed with a lethal combination of power and technical finesse, “HellBlazer” Draven Vargas has dominated the wrestling scene with his signature intensity and fearlessness. As one-half of the RWA Tag Team Champions, Vargas is no stranger to championship glory, and he enters this match with a clear favorite status. But can he maintain his unyielding momentum against the relentless challenge of Jakari Frost?

Jakari Frost: The Underdog with Unyielding Determination

Though considered the underdog, Jakari Frost is not one to be underestimated. Determined to prove his worth, Frost brings an indomitable spirit and never-say-die attitude to the ring. As he faces the formidable “HellBlazer,” Frost’s hunger for victory knows no bounds. Will he defy the odds and pull off an upset that will be remembered for ages?

A Collision of Grit and Guts:

The stage is set for an adrenaline-pumping encounter between “HellBlazer” Draven Vargas and Jakari Frost. Earth-shaking impacts, devastating collisions, and a display of sheer willpower will unfold, captivating the audience in an awe-inspiring display of wrestling mastery.

Who Will Emerge Victorious?

In this momentous clash, only one competitor will stand tall as the victor. Will “HellBlazer” Draven Vargas continue his reign of dominance, showcasing why he is one half of the reigning RWA Tag Team Champions? Or will Jakari Frost seize the opportunity to prove he’s more than the underdog, leaving the wrestling world in awe of his heart and determination?

Witness Wrestling History Unfold:

Don’t miss this epic showdown at RWA’s Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash! The air will be charged with anticipation as “HellBlazer” Draven Vargas and Jakari Frost collide, leaving everything on the line for a shot at glory. Who will emerge as the ultimate warrior, ready to claim victory and etch their name in wrestling immortality?

Secure your ringside seat and be a part of the explosive action at RWA’s Harbor Havoc! Let the wrestling frenzy ignite as these two colossal forces collide, leaving you on the edge of your seat in a night you won’t soon forget!

Get your tickets now and witness the unforgettable battle of “HellBlazer” Draven Vargas vs. Jakari Frost – the embodiment of wrestling greatness!

Petrov Vs Kobias Topps

Rogue Wrestling Attractions Harbor Havoc Coastal Clash | Petrov Vs Kobias Topps | August 26, 2023

Havoc Unleashed – HellHound vs. Kobias Topps at Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash!

Prepare for Mayhem and Glory at Ocean Shores Convention Center on August 26, 2023!

Get ready to rock the ring as two fearless warriors, “HellHound” Petrov and Kobias Topps, collide in an electrifying spectacle at Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash! This adrenaline-fueled clash is a battle of epic proportions, where raw power, unwavering grit, and heart-pounding action will ignite the arena.

The Mighty HellHound – Unleash the Beast!

Step into the ferocious world of “HellHound” Petrov, one-half of the untamed RWA Tag Team Champions! Known for his unyielding might and an unstoppable, malevolent spirit, HellHound has left a trail of destruction, carving his name in the annals of wrestling history. Will he continue his reign of dominance or be swallowed by the fire of his relentless rival?

Kobias Topps – Forging His Legacy!

Meet Kobias Topps, a rising star hungry for glory, hell-bent on making a name for himself, no strings attached. He’s ready to shatter expectations and take on any challenge that dares cross his path. Witness his burning desire to etch his legacy, and this night marks the birth of a legend in the making!

An Unforgettable Clash – Who Will Claim Victory?

As the countdown to Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash begins, the anticipation reaches a boiling point. The Ocean Shores Convention Center will transform into a battleground, hosting a ferocious clash of Titans in a no-holds-barred spectacle of strength, skill, and unbridled mayhem.

Be part of the unbridled frenzy as the atmosphere crackles with excitement! General Admission tickets grant you access to the heart of the action, where each cheer of the electrified crowd fuels the intensity of the match. Choose your spot wisely and secure the prime seats for an up-close encounter with wrestling history!

For those thirsting for the ultimate ringside rush, the Ringside VIP tickets are your golden ticket to exclusive premium seating! Feel the earth-shaking impact of every slam, revel in the electrifying grapples, and witness gravity-defying aerial maneuvers right before your eyes. With limited availability, these VIP seats will vanish like lightning, so claim yours now and embrace the chaos firsthand!

Secure Your Tickets Now – Unleash the Havoc!

Don’t hesitate! Snatch your tickets for Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash and bear witness to a legendary clash that will echo through time! Whether you’re unleashing the chaos in General Admission or soaking in the unfiltered glory of Ringside VIP, this night of wrestling brilliance will leave you breathless and yearning for more!

Experience the passion, the drama, and the unbridled power of “HellHound” Petrov vs. Kobias Topps – be part of this fierce rivalry in wrestling history and seize your tickets today!

Main Event The Rat King Vs

Main Event Madness: RWA Harbor Havoc Championship Showdown Unleashed!

Prepare yourselves for a heart-pounding spectacle as the RWA Harbor Havoc Championship hangs in the balance! Witness the fearless and relentless champion, Thee Rat King, as he readies to face the triumphant victor of the thrilling clash between Brian Cook and the most beautiful wrestler in the PNW, Christopher Ryseck. The battleground is set, and the stakes have never been higher!

Southwest Showdown – Fairgrounds Face Off: August 18, 2023, Centralia, WA

In the heart of Centralia, WA, during the adrenaline-charged Southwest Washington Fair, Brian Cook and Christopher Ryseck will ignite the fire of competition in a battle of epic proportions. With the #1 contender spot up for grabs, their ferocity knows no bounds as they battle for the golden ticket to glory!

A Rivalry Ignites – Power and Ambition Collide

Christopher Ryseck earned his rightful place at the top by conquering the March To The Top Match at Harbor Havoc – March To The Top, defeating the imposing Deonte “The Black King” Ford. But lurking in the shadows is Brian Cook, a relentless warrior hungry for ascent. Brian’s unyielding spirit and relentless drive have led him to seize the moment, daringly challenging Christopher Ryseck for the #1 Contendership.

Clash of Champions – Harbor Havoc: Coastal Clash, August 26, 2023, Ocean Shores Convention Center

The stakes couldn’t be higher! The winner of this monumental clash will go on to challenge Thee Rat King, the master of mayhem, at Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash. Brace yourselves for an adrenaline-fueled, Hellish-tremoring battle as Thee Rat King defends his throne against the most deserving contender!

Embrace the Chaos – Witness History Unfold!

You don’t want to miss this pulse-pounding night of wrestling excellence! Secure your tickets now and be part of the roaring crowd at The Ocean Shores Convention Center on August 26, 2023. The heart-stopping action, the awe-inspiring moves, and the unyielding passion of these warriors will leave you breathless!

The Ultimate Showdown Awaits – Get Your Tickets Today!

Will Thee Rat King prove his dominance once more, or will a new champion rise from the chaos? Don’t wait! Reserve your seats now for an unforgettable night that will ignite your passion for wrestling! Don’t miss out on the action of a lifetime – August 26, 2023, Harbor Havoc: Coastal Clash!


Rogue Wrestling Attractions Harbor Havoc Coastal Clash VIP Ringside Ticket | Washington State Pro Wrestling

Ringside VIP – Embrace the Ultimate Front Row Thrill!

Step into the heart of the action with our exclusive Ringside VIP Tickets! Secure your ringside front row seat, complete with an elite table, and get ready to be spellbound from the moment the doors swing open till the electrifying finale! No worries about finding the perfect spot – your VIP seat is RESERVED just for you! Join the privileged few with access to premium Ringside VIP Table Seats that will bring you closer to the action than ever before!

Rogue Wrestling Attractions Harbor Havoc Coastal Clash General Admission Ticket | Washington State Pro Wrestling

General Admission – Unleash Your Wanderlust for Wrestling!

Are you ready to embrace the exhilarating chaos that awaits? With General Admission, you’re in for a wild ride! While the ringside VIP tables are the ultimate luxury, fear not, adrenaline junkies! Our General Admission section is all about raw passion and extreme excitement! Arrive early at 6:00 PM to claim your spot and guarantee a front-row view to the thrilling showdown. Roam freely throughout the entire section and soak in the pulse-pounding action from every angle!

If you have any questions, please review the Rogue Wrestling Attractions Frequently Asked Questions Page.

RWA: Frequently Asked Questions

Unlock the Roar of the Crowd – The Choice is Yours!

Seize this golden opportunity to witness wrestling greatness up close and personal. With Ringside VIP tickets, you’re assured an unparalleled ringside experience like no other. Hear the pounding heartbeats of the wrestlers and immerse yourself in the intensity that is Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash!

For the spirited souls who love the rush of spontaneity, General Admission offers the chance to embrace the unscripted magic that unfolds in every corner of the arena. Every cheer, every gasp, and every jaw-dropping maneuver will echo in your heart as you become part of the living, breathing energy that electrifies the night!

Don’t Miss Out – Lock in Your Tickets Now!

The countdown has begun, and tickets are flying off the shelves! Take your pick – Ringside VIP or General Admission, the choice is yours! Secure your tickets today and prepare for a night of wrestling brilliance that will leave you craving more!

Get Ready to Roar – Harbor Havoc Awaits!

How to Buy Your Tickets for RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash

  1. Check the Seating Chart: Click on the “Seating Chart” button to start buying your tickets.
  2. Pick Your Favorite Seat(s): Look at the seating chart and choose the seats you like best. Once you’ve decided, click “Add To Cart” to move forward.
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  4. Fill in Your Info: Give your details in the customer information section. Make sure everything is correct. Then, pay for your tickets securely online.
  5. Come to RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash: On August 26, 2023, head to the event and get ready for an awesome time! Show your tickets at the entrance for easy entry.
  6. Get Ready for a Thrilling Night: Get ready for an unforgettable experience at RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash! Watch incredible wrestling action and have a blast!

We’re so glad you’re joining us for this amazing event. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to contact our support team. We can’t wait to see you at RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash, where you’ll have an awesome time!

Thank you for being part of this fantastic event. See you on August 26, 2023! Enjoy the Havoc!

Upon Admission To RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash

Ticket Purchase and Check-in Protocol for The Ocean Shores Convention Center Event

To gain entry to The Ocean Shores Convention Center event, all attendees are required to purchase their tickets in advance online or obtain them at the door. Tickets will be made available for purchase on-site during the event.

For those seeking VIP seating, we recommend purchasing VIP tickets online prior to the show through the designated seating chart button. This will ensure you secure the desired VIP seat of your choice.

Upon completing your ticket purchase, you will be required to check in at the event entrance. Online ticket purchasers will receive a ticket with a unique QR code. This QR code must be presented at the door for scanning. It is crucial to have your QR code ready for scanning, as each code can only be scanned once and will be exchanged for a RWA – Harbor Havoc wristband.

The RWA – Harbor Havoc wristband serves as your identification throughout the entirety of the event. For security purposes, please keep your wristband on throughout the event’s duration. Our vigilant security personnel will be conducting routine checks for wristbands. Any individual found without a valid wristband will be subject to questioning and, if necessary, will be escorted from the premises.

We appreciate your cooperation in adhering to this ticket purchase and check-in process. This protocol ensures a safe and enjoyable experience for all attendees. We look forward to welcoming you to Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash at The Ocean Shores Convention Center!

Ticketing and Seating Regulations for RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash

At RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash, every attendee will be assigned a specific seat/area corresponding to the ticket purchased. Ringside VIP ticket holders will be allocated reserved Ringside VIP table seats, while General Admission ticket holders will be seated on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is imperative that all spectators watch the show from their designated and allocated seat/area, adhering to the ticket type they have purchased. This measure has been implemented to prevent disputes among ticket holders and ensure a smooth and enjoyable event for all.

In addition to your designated seat/area, you will have the liberty to explore the outside walking lanes freely. However, please be aware that there will be limited standing areas available, and these will also be offered on a first-come, first-serve basis. It is essential to note that any unattended areas will not be reserved for anyone, and we kindly request attendees to refrain from reserving spaces for extended periods.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation with these regulations as they have been put in place to enhance the overall experience and maintain a harmonious atmosphere throughout RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash. Your respect for your assigned seat/area and adherence to the standing area guidelines are greatly valued and contribute to the success of this exhilarating event.

Thank you for your compliance, and we look forward to welcoming you to an unforgettable night of wrestling excellence!

Alcohol Service and Behavior Guidelines for RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash

At RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash, individuals aged 21 years or older are permitted to purchase and enjoy cold alcoholic beverages, including beer and wine. Upon entry to the event, attendees seeking to consume ANY alcohol must present a valid Legal Photo ID to receive a separate 21+ wristband along with their admission wristband. This 21+ wristband streamlines access to the Beer and Wine stand, facilitating swift return to the thrilling action. Instead of presenting your ID on every trip, it will only be required once at the outset.

Please be advised that possession of a 21+ wristband does not guarantee that the server at the Beer and Wine stand will not request to see your Legal Photo ID again. Rogue Wrestling Attractions, LLC. has partnered with a 3rd party company to provide Beer and Wine services at RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash. We earnestly urge all attendees to consume alcoholic beverages responsibly and comply with any requests from staff members.

In the interest of fostering a respectful and enjoyable environment, we strictly prohibit any excessive profanity or disruptive behavior that may necessitate security intervention. Individuals found in breach of this policy may face immediate ejection from The Ocean Shores Convention Center.

It is essential to acknowledge that Rogue Wrestling Attractions, LLC. maintains a collaborative relationship with The Ocean Shores Police Department. Depending on the nature and severity of an incident requiring RWA security intervention, Ocean Shores Police may be called upon to ensure the safety and well-being of all attendees.

We appreciate your adherence to these guidelines and regulations, as they contribute to the smooth and secure operation of RWA: Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash. Our paramount goal is to provide a captivating and enjoyable experience for all wrestling enthusiasts.

Thank you for your cooperation, and we look forward to hosting you at this exceptional wrestling event.