The Owner

Kenny CA$H

Kenny CA$H Owner of Rogue Wrestling Attractions |

Height: 6′ 0″
Weight: 230 LBS
Hometown: Hoquiam, WA

Ladies and gentlemen, introducing the mastermind behind Rogue Wrestling Attractions – none other than the incredible Kenny CA$H! A true prodigy, he achieved a black belt in Shim-Pu-Rin at a mere age of 11, leading the way as captain in high school for football, wrestling, and track. A State-level high school wrestler, and an outstanding thrower in discus and shotput – this man has always been driven to be the best!

But his prowess doesn’t stop there; Kenny CA$H’s academic achievements are just as impressive. With a High School Diploma, a Certificate in Powersports and Equipment Tech, and not one but two Associate In Applied Science Degrees in Business Management and Occupational Entrepreneurship, he’s a force to be reckoned with both inside and outside the ring.

His heart lies in entertaining the people, starting with his hometown and now reaching out to the entire state. For Kenny, nothing is more awesome than being able to captivate and thrill the crowd on a grand scale!

Determined to make Rogue Wrestling Attractions the premier professional wrestling promotion in Washington State, Kenny CA$H leaves no stone unturned in his quest for growth. The company, the crowd, the show, and even the venues are all experiencing tremendous growth under his watchful eye. He’s committed to ensuring this upward trend continues, giving his all to make RWA a powerhouse in the world of wrestling.

But Kenny knows that professionalism is paramount. He insists that everyone involved, from the talent in the ring to the crew backstage, keeps it PG13 at the most. Building a match requires creating heat first, giving the fans a reason to care deeply about the action in the ring. It’s not just about knowing there’s a beating coming – it’s about understanding why and wanting to be a part of the excitement.

And speaking of the fans, Kenny CA$H recognizes their significance and the integral role they play in the success of RWA. He thrives on getting the crowd fired up and engaged, making every show a memorable and exhilarating experience. To him, the fans are the lifeblood of Rogue Wrestling Attractions.

So, to all the loyal supporters out there, Kenny CA$H extends his heartfelt gratitude. Long Live Professional Wrestling! Long Live Rogue Wrestling Attractions! With your unwavering support, RWA will continue to soar to new heights, and Kenny CA$H will keep on striving to be the very best in the business!

The Start of Rogue Wrestling Attractions

RWA | Rogue Wrestling Attractions | Washington State Pro Wrestling

In January 2022, the journey of Rogue Wrestling Attractions began as the paperwork was submitted to establish it as an official Limited Liability Company in Washington State. With determination and dedication, the company received its official status, marking a significant step towards its wrestling ambitions.

As spring approached, the auditions brought forth a remarkable discovery – the talented Billy Bob Wheeler. Excitement started brewing in the wrestling community as rumors about this new company spread like wildfire. In Aberdeen, Washington, Rogue Wrestling Attractions was gaining attention and connecting with top PNW professional wrestlers.

The pivotal moment arrived in July 2022, as RWA: Harbor Havoc made its debut at The Ocean Shores Convention Center. The event showcased thrilling action, with the theft of The RWA Harbor Havoc Championship and a gripping main event between Christopher Ryseck and Caden Cassidy. The crowd, though modest in size, was energized, setting the stage for RWA’s bright future.

In August 2022, RWA: Harbor Havoc 2 returned to The Ocean Shores Convention Center. The prestigious Harbor Havoc Championship was rightfully back in the company’s hands, awaiting its rightful winner. The over-the-top rope battle royal thrilled the fans, with “The Northman” Earnest Olsson emerging as the victor, leaving the audience in awe.

November 2022 brought the third installment of RWA: Harbor Havoc. The RWA Tag Team Champions Tournament began, and the main event featured a clash between Thee Rat King and Doctor Kliever. Unexpectedly, “The Northman” Earnest Olsson inserted himself into the match, making bold claims. In the end, Thee Rat King emerged as the first RWA Harbor Havoc Champion, delighting the passionate crowd.

With the ambition to be the best in the state, RWA took significant strides from December 2022 to March 2023. Ensuring complete compliance, the company obtained 100% licensing through The WA State Department of Licensing as a WA State Professional Wrestling Promoter and Theatrical Wrestling School. This commitment to professionalism and legitimacy promised fans the finest performances from licensed professional wrestling participants in every show.

March 25, 2023, RWA: Harbor Havoc – March To The Top unfolded as the biggest and most spectacular show yet. Christopher Ryseck triumphed in the March To the Top Match, earning the #1 contendership for any RWA championship. The RWA Tag Team Championships saw a fierce handicap match, and a heated grudge match between Kobias Topps and “TNT” Tyson Lee ended in a chair-shot showdown. Thee Rat King’s impressive title defense against “The Northman” Earnest Olsson concluded the night with the crowd witnessing top-notch wrestling action.

With each event, Rogue Wrestling Attractions was making its mark and leaving fans eagerly anticipating their next epic spectacle. The future of RWA was promising, and the dedication to delivering unforgettable professional wrestling experiences was evident in every step they took.

August 18, 2023 – Southwest Showdown – Fairground Face Off. Rogue Wrestling Attractions made our fairgrounds debut and travelled outside of Grays Harbor County for the first time ever. In Centralia, Washington at The Southwest Washington Fair.

August 26, 2023 – Harbor Havoc – Coastal Clash

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